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2020 Colbiabbin Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso
2020 Colbiabbin Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso

2020 Colbiabbin Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso

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2020 is such a lovely red wine vintage - beautiful, powerful wine with light palate weights. So nice.

In the glass

I love the evolution of the aromas within each whiff. The initial smell is nettle over fleshy fruit - somewhere between a ripe black fig and an almost ready blackberry, then comes the baked pastry smell and then an oiled timber warmth - cherry and walnut wood. It's a really lovely glass of wine to smell by the fire.

The palate is quite layered too. Abundant blackberry, cinnamon, red bell pepper spice. Tannins are tight, standing up straight and punctuated by focusing green flavours. The shape unfolds marvellously slowly - it’s a salty wine and that salivating feeling leaves late and long. There’s a little secondary frame to the wine - not necessarily oaky, but it's an artefact. It’s very grown up, a touch old school.


Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso - (Refosco with the Red Stalks, or the good Refosco as I like to call it).

A Friulian (north eastern Italy) native.
Just three rows at Chalmers in the southeast corner of the property on own roots in the ultra red soils of Colbinabbin. These blocks are planted east/west orientation which helps moderate the impact of the afternoon sun. Planted in 2015


Picked on phenolic and flavour.
As with other Friulian varieties, the skin of the round, plump berries tends to sag just as the sugar hits around 13 baume. The more woody and leathery flavours are amplified by the sagging. Ideally, it would be harvested with only a small number of berries losing their tension. The 2020 wine was fermented in an open top stainless steel fermenter, the wine was not cold settled and fermented happily with regular pump overs and without addition. The wine was settled in stainless for Malo before being racked to one old puncheon and one new Austrian (Stockinger) Demi-muid. Racked late autumn 2021 to stainless and bottled 3 June 2021. 55 ppm sulphur total, Diam 10 closure.