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2021 NEW! Colbinabbin Super Juice
2021 NEW! Colbinabbin Super Juice

2021 NEW! Colbinabbin Super Juice

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Willoughby Bridge Vineyard and Chalmers Vineyard, Colbinabbin, Heathcote G.I

This is so much fun to drink. Best chilled. 
Candy apple red sort of colour - reminds me of a cool guitar or roller derby lippy. Super candied aromatics. Smells like sherbet and subtle musk with dried orange rind, fresh orange blossom and bloody orange segments, campari. 
Slippery on the palate - absolutely crushable weight. Fruits from all over - Raspberry, orange, a little fresh cherry and some crunchy pink lady. Wowza fruits. A little bitter amaro finish is ultra refreshing. It’s somewhere between a very good raspberry cordial and a high brow negroni. Its long, the tannins are fine and persistent. It is sooo fun to drink. 


Serve - chippies, pintxos gilda (google this), sicilian olives, pickled octopus, good salami.

Listen  - Partition, Beyonce >>> 1212, Azealia Banks >>> No home record, Kim Gordan.

The second release here - A wine that came about from listening to the fruit rather than directing it. 
The C Block at Willoughby Bridge becomes ripe at a particular moment in the fruits development. 
Beautiful fruit arrives after the acidity / weight for pretty sparking wine or rose has been and gone. Tannins are not yet fully ripe… What to do? In 2020 I fermented a portion of this block as short maceration, resulting in structure that was super interesting and super fruit. Cometh Super Juice. 

Predominantly CVT230 clone from the C block at Willoughby Bridge, grafted in 2016 on very fine, iron and clay rich soils. N/S orientation. 
The new block at Chalmers features here in MAT 4 Nebbiolo (a genetically distinct clone known as the Rose clone) along with Mat 6, 7 and 8. All planted E/W orientation in the middle of the hill on incredibly rocky, mineral rich soils. 

Willoughby Bridge C Block and MAT 4 From Chalmers were picked early, chilled and destemmed.
C Block fruit received some very, very gentle cap management while the MAT4 remained entirely sealed for the duration of its 7 day maceration. Temperatures in the C block ferments were a little higher than desired (trying to avoid excessive extraction of green tannins) and so the press was bought forward a little, called after only 6 days.

Pressed to stainless and allowed to ferment without lids at higher temperatures once off skins - encouraging oxygen to interact with the yeast and also the wine, stabilising colour and structure. 

The resulting wine was a little too structured for the brief and was happily married to some direct pressed rose from MAT 6,7 and 8 planted at Chalmers. 
Aged off lees in a mix of old 225l and 500l barrels. Matured and bottled without addition.