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2023 Colbinabbin Nebbiolo / Refosco
2023 Colbinabbin Nebbiolo / Refosco

2023 Colbinabbin Nebbiolo / Refosco

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Willoughby Bridge Vineyard and Chalmers Vineyard, Colbinabbin, Heathcote G.I 

Raspberry, cherry, fresh mint, roses. Such dense and fresh aromatics are super pleasing and compelling.

Heaps of bright red and purple fruit that rides a lovely refreshing acidity. There’s subtle density on the palate, tannins are fine, plentiful and moreish. Super focused and balanced. Great drinking. 

A great year for this Swiss army knife light red. We love making this wine and can't wait to share a ripper vintage. Crazy value for what's in the glass. 


A multitude of picks and ferment methods from five blocks of red grapes in Colbinabbin.
The winemaking methods are used depending on the demands of each individual block.
The Nebbiolo / Refosco is then blended according to the needs of the wine as these individuals become one, holistic expression of these two grape varieties on the one spectacular hill.

Willoughby Bridge A-W Old Block Nebbiolo CVT 230 clone planted 1998
Willouhgby Bridge A and C Block CVT 230 clone both grafted 2016.
Chalmers Vineyard Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso planted 2015
Chalmers Vineyard Nebbiolo Planted 2019 - MAT cones 1,3,5,6,7,8,9,10 and CN 230


The first pick of the year from Willoughby Bridge’s A Block on March 4th. Direct pressed to Rosé the latter part of the press fermented dry in barrel and later blended here.
Another rosé pick came in March 15th from A-W block at Willoughby and was pressed direct to barrel.
Refosco was harvested 26th of march, 24 days on skins in concrete.
A final pick from the A-W block at willoughby was separated into a selection of rows, with the western most rows direct pressed to barrel, the eastern balance (about 80% of this last pick) fermented in open top concrete for 21 days.
These components were aged in various stainless and oak vessels according to their individual needs with various temperature and oxygen exposures depending on the tannin qualities of the individual wine. Pressing from all Colbinabbin reds were combined, and formed an important, delicious part of this wine. Some sulphur added.